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HTML forms delivered to your inbox for free

Submit your form to our URL, and we'll forward the contents to your email. No account, no database, no scripting, and no cost!

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Free, secure HTML form submission for static sites

Ideal for people wishing to implement a contact form without exposing your email address on static sites such as those created with Jekyll, Pelican, or Hakyll.

Why choose Brisk Forms

Similar services all have the same problem: Your email address is exposed to would-be spammers, unless you pay them. Brisk Forms side-steps this issue by providing you with a unique and secure URL to use in place of your email address. You can even stop emails at any time with a click of a button.

Example usage

<form action="" method="post">

When the form is completed and submitted, the results of the form will be emailed to you, and your user will be forwarded to wherever you'd like. Start Now, it's free!