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Brisk Forms

What is BriskForms?

BriskForms provides a fast and secure mechanism by which to keep in touch with your visitors while protecting your privacy and keeping spammers away.

With no registration required, adding a BriskForm to your site or app has never been easier.

Getting Started

We ask just two simple questions.

1. Where are you at?

Tell us where to send your form submissions.

A confirmation link will be sent to this address following setup.

2. Do what now?

We can't just leave your visitors hanging! Tell us where you want them sent next.

Setting up your Brisk Form

Upon submission of your configuration information, you'll be supplied with a secure URL to place in your form's action attribute. Want to use AJAX? Not a problem! Just POST your form data to the same URL and we'll give you a JSON object indicating the status of the form submission. Padded JSON (PJSON) is supported by setting the "callback" parameter in the request header or URL to a function of your choosing.


The address you used in step 1 must be confirmed via a confirmation link before your BriskForm will be active.

And that's it.

We'll take it form here.